If you got eyes, look at me now

The sky is green and the grass is blue. The sky is green and the grass is blue. The sky is green and the grass is blue. This statement is false, right? Unfortunately, someone will believe it soon enough.  I’m not sure what it is..but..we can see something wrong and know it’s wrong but begin to give it validity if we see it enough times. Why is this? Like…you can’t ignore signs that let you know something isn’t right. That’s retarded. Just like dropping a ball 5ive times and seeing it fall and then on the 6th time, you expect it to float to the ceiling…#Negative…Folks believe in all typa shit..and people for that matter. Why? I have no idea. You be believin/trustin folks and what happens..yo ass gets dropped like a pass to Terrell Owens…#Tragedy. Imma quote my FAMU homey @domokey on this next one: "Never get too attached to anyone because attachments leads to expectations and expectations leads to disappointments." Whether she’s the originator of that or not, the statement is pretty accurate.  How many times do you find yourself shaking your head at those you thought were on yo team and whatnot? Too many times, yea I know. I promise we tend to have faith in the wrong and/or worst people possible and as a result, we suffer unfortunately.  ALWAYS depending on somebody to do something in order for you to progress…no bueno..There’s a lil some’n called EFFICACY..dwell on that. I promise you’ll be better off. Now this is NOT to say that you can’t get help SOMETIMES. Nobody does everything on their own….except hermits…and if you are reading this then you are NOT Emily Dickinson #nShit..now..did that one go over your head? If it did, then I just got disappointed because of my expectation of you to  connect the idea of you being a hermit to Emily Dickinson being one. See what im taumbout? Depending on others will get you #burnt..like black bacon. Lol. People always running around screaming ”HELP” like they name Dora..smh. Alotta stuff we’re able to do ourselves, just lazy…or afraid. ”As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Dwell on that…#rawse

I Just Wanna Be

Somebody once said ”at this point, me is who im tryna save myself from” and that resonates with me. Well, actually a person didn’t say it, Drake’s eyebrows actually made that statement on his Thank Me Later album.  I think about that quote each and everyday because there’s always something I’m doing or trying to do but my nonchalance is a great obstacle.  I don’t wanna say I have too much ambition, so I’ll just say there’s a lot I wanna do with my life.  Surely nothing  is wrong wit that because I definitely can’t stay in Arkansas my whole. Hell naw foo. This road to success has not and will not be easy. One factor in this is prolly due to my unwillingness to ask others for help.  I’m always thinking that if I can’t do/get it by myself, I might not need it. Nothing wrong with wanting to stand on my own, but NOBODY gets to the top without help. People opened doors for Barack, Denzel, Will Smith, and anybody else that’s somebody.  There are plenty brilliant ass nobodys because of this way of thinking. I’m really REALLY not tryna go out like that foo.  I know I need to have that worked ALL the way out before my collegiate career is over with.  Every time I become complacent with something, trouble ensues. Continuously striving is what I do, I’m a Virgo lol.  Great teachers don’t do what’s just necessary, everything that can be do to make others excel is done, making them excel in the process. I definitely can’t get through law school with that ”fuck it” in my system. If you can’t tell, I’m big on introspection. My mind is not too simple. I know I always come across as too cool, and hella laid back but in reality, ya boy is having a million thoughts a minute. Mostly about how I can do something better than I did yesterday.  #HardOnMe. Shoutout to the people in my life that assure me that I’ll be fine, cuz let me tell it, I’m a bum lol. Y’all just don’t understand how bad I’m tryna get out of the 870. Maybe I’d feel different if I was from a big city, but I’m not. 10,000 people and 3 stop lights in the whole city, #TalkinBoutCountry. I do not hide bein country doe, just ready for something new. But I have digressed a lil bit, the matter at hand is the self-inflicted wounds. We all have to learn doe, I have. I will continue to do so. Greatness is rarely achieved or cherished without a struggle. As quickly as you can become an overnight celebrity, you can fall…deep into the abyss of insignificance. #OneTimeFor all the one-hit wonders in the world. #CouldntBeMe…can’t stop…won’t stop…eh eh *diddy bops*.  Well, this is my first blog….I enjoyed writing it, hope you enjoyed reading it. All comments appreciated. I’ll get the hang of everything as I post more stuff of course.  One more thing, follow me @TweetinAssNupe

I just wanna be…..i just wanna be